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2024 Is The Year Of Flying Cars

Want to have some cool and affordable vehicles then mark the year 2024 in your calendar. In 2024, there will be a release of a new vehicle that will be both affordable and fuel-efficient. These cars will be quiet and cost-effective; it’s like air transportation at your service any time of the day. This vehicle is named as flying cars, shocking right? Well, it shouldn’t be when there are self-driving cars as well as electric cars nowadays!
The best I can demonstrate it is by a cartoon show named ‘The Jetsons’ you might have seen. The show shows the future outlook of how the world is going to progress, and it has also been mentioned there that by the year 2060, people will be using flying cars the same as people use bicycles. The only catch is that we are way ahead of the future, and instead of the year 2060, it seems to be coming true way before that. The Jetsons was made in the early 1900s and it had mentioned a lot of technological gadgets that are now commonly used like robotic vacuum cleaners, electronics, video calling, etc.
Flying cars are also called future generation aircraft. They have been in production for many years, and now suddenly it has been official that flying cars that people thought of as myth will finally be here and that too within just 2 years. They will prove to be helpful in a lot of ways like; they will use batteries instead of natural resources, fewer traffic problems, and a clean environment.

Reid Hoffman tweeted about Flying cars and by this tweet, we can confirm that it is just around the corner.
How they are made is quite an interesting catch. When the idea was proposed, and the engineers saw the benefits of this, they instantly started planning on making this product. You might think typically that a flying machine will be connected to the cars, but that is not the case. It is quite opposite! Engineers have thought to use the smallest manned flying object, which in our case is a helicopter. To make them more of a car, a lot of things have to be done, like it should be made smaller, portable, quieter, and electric. Another thing is that it needs to be cheaper so that people can buy it and the problems will decrease.

This tweet of Elon Musk gave us an idea that they are working on the Flying Cars and soon we will see them for use.
It is thought that these flying cars are going to act as “air taxis” that will help you reach your destination quicker without having to wait for hours in the traffic. These are better and convenient, as nobody wants to wait for hours just to rush to work, and pay heavy amounts to the Uber drivers, etc. These cars are supposed to transfer both people and goods from place to place.
Some people might be weirded out by the idea of flying, especially those with the phobia of heights, but most of the population is excited for this to launch, and the tech companies thought of the year 2024 to be the best year for this product to be introduced to us all! So, be ready, and don’t forget about this amazing invention just yet, it might take a while for the people to be familiar with this idea!

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