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Fortnite is one of the most famous games people play online. “Epic games” is the organization that has developed this game. The developers keep on updating some features to add some new flavors in the game in order to hold the attention of users. So there is good news for Fortnite lovers. Let’s figure out what new features they have added.

Epic Games
has decided to add 3 new weapons in Fortnite. These weapons might stay for a limited period of time. These three classic weapons will definitely gain the attention of Fortnite lovers. The three weapons are Heavy Sniper Rifle, legendary Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, and the Mini-Gun. It is still not clear that to which mode the respective weapons belong to. It is said that this information has been discovered by data miners. The rare minigun is a completely new weapon which is introduced by “Epic Games”. But the weapon which will captivate Fortnite lovers will be Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. Despite knowing the fact that new weapons have been introduced, Fortnite lovers want more. The fans want more. They want more interesting and powerful weapons, cool locations, and various modes.

Fortnite is played widely in the world and the users expect timely updates so that the game doesn’t get boring. Making such updates is mandatory for the economic benefits and the popularity of a given game. So stay tuned to hunt down your enemies when these 3 super guns pop up in your Fortnite game.

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