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3 Dangers of using Free VPNs

Today a huge amount of internet users are using free vpns for pc and phones. There are thousands of free VPNs available on play store. The purpose of these VPNs is to keep you safe while suffering the internet at free of cost. Still, the makers of the VPNs will want to make a profit for themself too. So they use some secret tools and tactics to generate money which ultimately may cause harm to the user of the respected VPN. Below are 3 Dangers of using Free VPNs.

3)Slowing Down Your Internet

Free VPNs might slow down your device whether it is a pc or phone especially when you are using a poor quality VPN. One of the examples is ProtonVPN. No doubt ProtonVPN provides excellent security but they force their users to buy their paid version of ProtonVPN to get the revenue. If you are not using the paid version, you will witness a drastic decrease in your internet speed. Whether these free vpns are for mac or windows, you will see a drop in internet speed.

2) Limiting the Amount of Data You Can Use

Another flaw of using free VPNs is that it can limit the amount of data usage. Tunnelbear, for example, limits data usage to 500 Mb only which is quite frustrating for users who excessively use the internet.

1)Excessive Adds

This is the most used tactic for the VPN makers to generate money when they know the fact that their users are not going to buy the paid version of the application. Example of such kind of apps includes Betternet which is a famous free Vpn available on play store that follows this method. Adds pop up frequently whenever you are using betternet.

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