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4 things you don’t know about Joe Bidden

Joe Bidden has been in the senate for 36 long years and also spent around eight years in the administration period of Obama. Till now, it was a journey full of struggles and adventures for Joe bidden.

Following are a couple of things you might not know about Joe Bidden:

1) Lost his wife and daughter in a car crash

This tragic incident happened right before Christmas. His first wife, daughter and two sons Hunter and Beau were in the car. Due to the car crash, his first wife and daughter passed away while Hunter and Beau were severely injured. This incident happened after a month Joe bidden was elected as a Senator. Joe bidden was only 30 years old when this accident happened.

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@joe_biden._ is the 47th Vice President of the United States. He grew up in Pennsylvania & Delaware, raised by parents that taught him the long lasting values of hard work and persevere. Biden graduated from law school from Syracuse University where his first wife Neilia Hunter also attended. Post graduation they moved to Delaware, became active with the local Democratic Party, Biden started his own law firm and began a family in a span of 5 years. He ran his first campaign for office as Senator in 1972 at the age of 29 and won. That was the beginning of a strong political career that led him to be chosen by @barackobama as his VP running mate in his 2008 bid for Presidency. In 1972, one week before Christmas, Senator Biden became a widower when his wife and three children were involved in a serious car accident. His wife Neilia and daughter Naomi were tragically killed while his 2 sons were seriously injured. It left the newly elected senator in such despair that he seriously considered committing suicide. It was this tragedy that helped set the tone for his resoluteness for family first for the American people both politically and personally. VP Biden recently announced the cities for his American Promise tour where he will meet and personally connect with citizens from all over the nation to continue inspiring us to continue building on the promise of America together. The tour will also help support his forthcoming memoir Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose http://joebidenbook.com. Biden stated in an interview with US Magazine in 2016 "I have a rule for every single staff member who's ever worked for me in 42 years: If you ever come to work when your kid has an important function, no matter what you're doing for me — if you ever show up for me and you miss your wife's birthday or your husband's birthday or your kid's thing, don't work for me. And I mean it. That is the God's truth. I can swear on my word as a Biden.” #happyagain #infinitynp #widows #widowers #widowed #youngwidow #suddenwidow #cancerwidow #infinityforthewidowed #remarriedwidow #JoeBiden #NeiliaBiden #NaomiBiden #BarackObama #AmericanPromiseTour #SyracuseUniversity

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2) Married twice

Joe bidden’s first wife was Neilia Biden. Joe Bidden and Neilia Biden got married in 1966. After five years of the accident of  Neilia Biden, Joe Bidden remarried in 1977. He married Jill Biden and currently has one child from her, Ashley.

3) Joe Biden swore his first oath as a US Senator in a hospital

As a result of the accident which happened in 1972, the two sons of Joe Bidden got severely injured. Joe Bidden had no other option but to stay with them in the hospital. So he took his oath as a Senator of Delaware in the hospital.

4) Joe Biden had brain surgery in the past.

Joe Bidden was going through neck pain for quite a sometime and finally, he was advised to go for brain surgery. This brain surgery took place in 1988. Right after that  Joe Bidden went for another operation. A 7 month of recovery period was required after these surgeries and during that period Joe Bidden was not able to perform his duties in the senate. Finally, after 10 years, the surgeons have given him a green signal to appear in the US Elections of 2020.

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