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5 secrets of success by Will Smith

Will Smith has achieved success in various domains. Will Smith is not only an amazing actor but also a talented singer, producer and songwriter. He has shared many tips and secrets of success which can be helpful for an ordinary person to succeed in his life. Following are 5 secrets of success by Will Smith:

5) Make a firm decision

Will Smith has told that there is a huge amount of power that resides in the process of decision making. He explained that we just have to decide once that what we want, after that the universe will get out of your way just like water. So the first step in achieving your goal is to make a firm decision first.

4) Don’t be realistic

Will Smith has reminded people that unrealistic things have been turned into reality by humans.  Years back it was unrealistic to think that humans could fly from one part of the world to another in a matter of a few hours. So Will Smith wants people to believe that impossible things are possible and those unrealistic things can become a reality one day.

3)One brick at a time

Building the greatest wall is a fool’s mentality in the eyes of Will Smith. The 48-year-old star says that you have to lay a brick every single day with the best of your effort. Slowly and gradually you will see that it will eventually turn into a great wall. So small achievements on daily basis are all that you need according to Will Smith.

2)Build your talent into a skill

This is was the first time when someone differentiated talent and skill in such an amazing way. Will Smith has told that talent is what you naturally come up with but skill does not come naturally. Skill is to work on your craft for hours and hours. So Will Smith is an admirer of skill, not talent.

1) Focus on where you’re going, not where you are

The message which Will Smith wants to convert to the world is that your present self is not your permanent residence. Every person is in the journey of evolution and we all are improving to become what we want. So the target should be the person you want to become and ignore what you currently are. So Will Smith’s motivation has always been to achieve his target and avoid focusing on the present self.

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