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5 Surprising facts about Will Smith

Will Smith has starred in dozens of movies which were blockbusters. You might think that you know all about Will Smith but there are a lot of surprising facts about Will Smith which many of his fans are not aware of.  Following are 5 Surprising facts about Will Smith which you might not know.

5) Real Name

Many fans of Will Smith are unaware of his birth name. His birth name is Willard Carroll Smith. Along with this his nickname was “prince”.

4) He was offered “Neo” role in the movie “The Matrix”

The matrix was a famous movie which got released in 1999. Keanus reeves was given the lead role of it but many people do not know that originally the role of “Neo” was offered to Will smith. Due to unknown reasons, Will Smith turned down the offer and instead preferred to star in “Wild Wild West”. Will Smith later admitted that turning down that offer is the biggest regret of his career. Many fans consider that presence of “The Matrix” in will smith movies list could have doubled will smith’s net worth.

3) Became millionaire at a young age

Many people think that Will Smith gained financial independence very late but surprisingly it’s not true. Because Will Smith was not just an actor but initially he used to do rap music. His album “Rock the House” made him a millionaire before he turned 18. The album also ranked in top 200 on the billboard.

2) Holds a World Record Title

The 48-year-old star has also achieved a world record title during his acting career. He has appeared in the most public appearances in 12 hours. Will Smith appeared in 3 red carpets consecutively on the same day due to which his name is now in the Guinness world record.

1)He can solve the Rubik’s Cube

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Ab sofort bei uns erhältlich: der erste Original Rubik's Speedcube mit Magneten!⁠ ~⁠ Neuere Weltrekorde im Speedcubing werden mit Cubes erreicht, die einen verbesserten Mechanismus haben und Magneten beinhalten. Dieser schnelle Würfel von Rubik's verfügt erstmals über solche Magneten um die Stabilität zu erhöhen und als Positionierungssystem zu fungieren, das den Würfel für die nächsten Drehungen ausrichtet. Der Speed ​​Cube verfügt über einen stärkeren Kern und einen Mechanismus, der ihn schneller, reibungsloser und zuverlässiger als je zuvor macht.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #zauberwürfel #rubikscube #speedcube #speedcubing #speedcuber #cube #cuber #cubing #fotografie #bunt #draußen #natur #cubikonrubiks #cubikon #rubiks #rsc #rubiksspeedcube #3×3 #magnete

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Solving Rubiks Cube is a challenging task for many people but Will Smith is among those who love challenges. Will Smith once solve Rubik’s Cube in 55 seconds only.

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