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793 deaths in one day in Italy – Coronavirus – 2020

In Europe, the death toll from the latest coronavirus has reached 6,000, with Italy, Spain and Germany showing a sharp increase in infections. Many people are curious about the deaths in Italy due to coronavirus. Most of the people have locked themselves in their houses and are staying in isolation.

The Italian prime minister told the nation that it was facing its most serious moment since World War II and that all companies and factories that were not “strictly essential, critical [or] indispensable” would be closed until April 3. it is estimated that more than 299,000 people were infected, with some 91,500 recovering. It was started by their government that there were 793 more deaths on Saturday. The overall death toll in Italy has now reached to 4,825. The number of deaths in Spain increased to over 1,300, while Iran’s death toll reached another grim landmark of 1,500 as the country marks the beginning of the Persian New Year. Italy, the latest epicenter of coronavirus, declared Saturday that it would shut down all but its most important factories until April 3. Premier Giuseppe Conte stated that in their post-war history, this is the most difficult crisis and he also said that Italy is going to slow down the successful engine in the region, but they are not going to stop it. So the number of deaths in Italy due to coronavirus is an alarming situation for everyone in the region.

Italy’s head of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli, expressed cautious optimism over Sunday’s statistics, telling reporters: “The statistics reported today are lower than those for yesterday. I believe and we all believe that in the coming days, these estimates will be carried out.

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