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80% of corona patients showing symptoms again

There has been a new study on the recovery rate of coronavirus patients. The study shows scary results. It says that 80 per cent of patients are again showing coronavirus symptoms again after the recovery. The duration after which the symptoms are hitting back after this study is 2 months.

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Doctors in the United States are cautiously optimistic about clinical trial results from the University of Oxford in England that suggest that a commonly used drug may have a real, measurable impact on the COVID-19 pandemic. But they need to see the data first. The drug, a steroid called dexamethasone, reduced deaths among the sickest COVID-19 patients by a third, the researchers said Tuesday. It's the first time, they say, any therapy has been shown to affect mortality for the coronavirus.#coronavirus #corona #coronamemes #coronavirusmemes #coronavírus #covid19 #covid_19 #covid #covıd19 #covi̇d19 #covıd پزشکان ایالات متحده بر اساس نتایج آزمایش های بالینی از دانشگاه آکسفورد در انگلستان اظهار می دارند که یکی از داروهای در حال آزمایش ممکن است تأثیر واقعی و قابل اندازه گیری بر روی ویروس COVID-19 داشته باشد.اما آنها ابتدا باید داده های اطلاعاتی را مشاهده کنند. به گفته محققان ، این دارو ، یک استروئید به نام دگزامتازون است که مرگ و میر در بین بیماران مبتلا به COVID-19 را به یک سوم کاهش می دهد. به گفته آنها ، این اولین بار است که درمانی بر مرگ و میر کروناویروس تأثیر می گذارد.#کرونا #کرونا_را_شکست_میدهیم #کروناویروس #کرونا_ویروس #کروناراشکست_میدهیم #کرونا_نیوز #کرونا_را_جدی_بگیریم

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American Medical Association has published a journal which says that after examining 143 patients in Italy, the doctors have seen some strange results. Every patient from these 143 was examined after 2 months after keeping him in isolation where the patient showed -ve results for 2 weeks. After checking all the patients in detail, the result was that only 13 per cent of patients were not showing any COVID 19 symptoms but the rest of the patients were showing the symptoms. These symptoms included 43% who were having difficulties in breathing, 22% were feeling pain in the chest area. The patients were also asked some questions regarding their health in these two months. 44 % of the patients told that they had the worst time spent during these 2 months.

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🔰‼️The most important symptoms of coronavirus are: 1-High fever. (37.8 degrees and above) 2-Continuous and dry cough. (Sputum should not be removed while coughing, and your cough should not be caused by smoking or sore throat) 3-Breathing difficulties. . . 🔰‼️Koronavirüsün en önemli belirtileri: 1-Yüksek ateş. (37.8 derece ve üstü) 2-Sürekli ve kuru öksürük. (Öksürürken balgam çıkarmamak ve öksürüğünüzün sigara ya da boğaz ağrısından kaynaklanmaması gerekir) 3-Nefes alma zorlukları. . . #coronavirus #symptoms #coronavirüs #koronavirüs #covid19 #covid19italia #covid #quarantine #italy #germany #france #world #turkey #türkiye #istanbul #ankara #florence #rome #paris #doctors #nurses #nurse #hospital

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According to this new study, it is evident that in some cases the coronavirus symptoms are prolonging as compared to other cases. Shockingly these symptoms are persisting even when their COVID test is negative which is a big thing to worry. This means that the virus is getting undetectable among these patients.

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