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Akshay Kumar: What keeps him on his toes, even now?

Akshay Kumar, the only actor of Bollywood who releases at least 3 movies every year. In 2017 and 2018, he releases 3 but this year (2019), he got 4 movies to release. All of his movies were blockbusters including this year’s Kesari, Mission Mangal, and Housefull 4. His new movie “Good Newwz” has just been released but the opening day was mind-blowing with the profit of ₹17 crores.

“I still feel nervous whenever a new movie is about to release, and there’s a bit of worry too as to what is going to happen. So, there’s some stress as well as a small prayer that everything goes well,” he says in a show.

For Akshay this year was the same as the previous ones as his movies were hit this year too. Occasionally, 4 out of 4 movies works, but at other times the numbers can go down. “Bas darr lagta hai kahin chaar mein kabhi zero naa ho jaaye,” he said while laughing.

When Akshay was asked about his filmography being diverse and dissimilar and tell if their was a pattern to it. He replied,

“Jo bhi karta ho dil say karta ho. And by God’s grace, everything works out really good. Jab aap dil sa kaam
karte ho toh tukka kabhi kabhi sehi baith he jaata hai aur kabhi nhi bhi baithta. From the start, I have always worked from my heart. If you remember, I have also given 16 flops so, at that time, tukka too didn’t work. But I didn’t stop and kept following my heart.”

As celebrities point of view towards success and failure changes as they keep on getting succeed. But for Akshay, both remains the same as it always was, in terms of meaning. It hasn’t changed even a bit. Even after this many years, there’s still the same hunger, greed for good work and also a bit of insecurity inside me. And it’s always in my mind and that’s what I guess keeps me on my toes all the time.

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