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Alibaba’s new AI Technology can detect coronavirus

No doubt Alibaba might be best known as China’s version of Amazon, but it’s expanding its focus in the medical areas too. The company has developed artificial intelligence in 2020 that can identify the novel coronavirus with 96 percent accuracy and much faster than a human.

It is reported that Damo Academy which is Alibaba’s research institute established in 2017 developed the diagnoses algorithm. It’s been tried on more than 5,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. It is intended to identify differences in CT scans between patients with COVID-19 infection and patients with severe viral pneumonia. Shockingly the accuracy is 96 percent. Its swift pace to make a diagnosis is its biggest strength. One one hand a doctor will normally take five to 20 minutes to analyze a CT scan while this AI can complete the process of diagnosis in 20 seconds. Alibaba said more than 100 hospitals will implement the device in the provinces of Hubei, Guangdong, and Anhui, all of which have seen a high number of infections. Faster pace to diagnose those with novel coronavirus accurately at a could reduce the pressure on Chinese hospitals that are filled with a great number of patients. It could also allow more time for staff to treat the sick. The program was educated on photographs and data from 5,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and was validated in hospitals across China.

But it isn’t the only one in the city that can detect the coronavirus. Rival health-care company Ping An introduced a very similar system recently. The better the more options. At least when it comes to helping frustrated doctors and deliver better treatments, this AI will be a great help.

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