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Allie Quigley Defeated Chris paul

Allie Quigley is the WNBA sharpshooter. She is 33 years old. She has a record with 2 points. In 2018 she earned her second title where she made 20 shoots out of 25 shoots.

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It's go time. #lockin #forourtown #playoffs2015

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When it comes to numbers she is gaining a lot of numbers which reflects her competitiveness. She has a 39.9 percent shooting capability. She grew up in Joilet. After performing in WNBA and other international leagues for a long period of time, she worked hard on her game and won league’s Sixth Woman of the Year award. When it comes to citizenship, she received her citizenship from Hungary. This citizenship was got in 2012. She is married to Courtney Vandersloot. They both got married in 2018 December. The dating period of both the teammates started in 2013.

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About last night 💙💛

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Recently Allie Quigley defeated Chris paul. You guys must be thinking that is the coronavirus pandemic over. No! It’s not over but Allie Quigley and Chris Paul had an online match of shooting baskets. The match was witnessed by all the fans live expecting Chris Paul to win. But shockingly Allie Quigley defeated Chris Paul. She won by ‘H’ ‘O” R’ ‘S’ ‘E’ while Chris had ‘H’ ‘O” R’. Allie Quigley is a talented basketball player and everyone is expecting that she will achieve a lot in her future.

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