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Amazon: Prioritizing growth over safety?

Because of Christmas sales and the growing quantity of Amazon customers, they are getting a huge amount of orders, way more than ever before. More the orders, more the deliveries. In a short amount of time, Amazon has to deliver the orders to their places, which makes Amazon drivers go crazy. They have to drive as fast as they can to deliver all of those orders given to them. According to an investigation by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica published on Monday, Amazon is prioritizing speed over the driver’s safety.

Since 2015, Amazon Drivers have been involved in 60 road accidents. Most of them cause serious Injuries and some causing death of 13 people, according to a combination of public records, court documents, internal memos, and current former Amazon employees.

Few of these accidents may have been stoppable, the report said.

The executive of Amazon proposed measures that would have upped safety requirements for drivers, which also involves a proposed requirement to drug test drivers, according to the reports. The reports also found that in a rush of hiring more drivers, Amazon hired a driver who had night blindness, as well as a driver who admitted using medical marijuana.

When Business Insider’s asked Amazon about this, they didn’t immediately reply. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson from Amazon denied the characterization that the company prioritized growth over safety, stating that Amazon has “always has a focus on safety.”According to a report, the investigation also put blame on Amazon’s internal GPS app for drivers, Rabbit, which sometimes command drivers to make unsafe U-turns and left turns.

Amazon also faced a survey from lawmakers this year over safety concerns about its delivery network. An Amazon representative responded that “safety is Amazon’s top priority” after the senator sent a letter to Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) requesting information about the company’s safety practices.

Even in the wake of that letter, safety issues continue to grow. In October, a driver accidentally killed a toddler in Chicago while making a left turn. That driver was a contractor delivering Amazon packages, according to the report by BuzzFeed News andPro Publica.

     What do you think about this situation? Is Amazon really supports growth over their driver’s safety? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.

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