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America’s Got Talent: Extreme Stuntman Hospitalized After Explosive Accident

Recently on America’s got talent, a stuntman named Jonathan Goodwin, got several injuries while performing a life-threatening stunt. He is currently hospitalized.

He got injured performing at America’s got talent: extreme on the new spinoff series’ set. This stunt was known to be life-threatening and labeled as a daredevil stunt but still, Jonathan performed it knowing all the risks. Now you must be wondering, how did he get injured? Well specifically while he was performing the stunt in which he had to get freed from the cars on either side of him, but while doing so, he got suspended in midair. Due to that, the cars crashed into each other, resulting in an explosion. The hardest part was that he was wearing a straitjacket. For all those who don’t know what a straitjacket is, let me tell you. A straitjacket is basically a jacket with long sleeves that even cover the fingertips of the person wearing it. These jackets are specially made for people who restrain a lot, while in this scenario, this was used as an escape stunt. This jacket binds the person’s hands to the chest, while the ends of the long sleeves are tied at the person’s back making it impossible to move around. In simple words, they are called camisoles. He had to do the stunts while wearing this, and that was the tragic part that made his escape stunt more interesting and life-threatening at the same time.
With this, he fell and hit his head hard on the hard concrete floor and was instantly unconscious. When the accident happened, Goodwin immediately reacted, calling the ambulance and getting him hospitalized immediately. He was getting treated while getting transformed to the hospital, and everyone was praying for his well-being. This was just a rehearsal practice, that was going on on Friday the 15th of October. Nothing has been told about his recovery till now, and everyone is worried about his well-being. But the condition he was in was too severe to heal quickly, and it is feared that he had a lot of internal bleeding along with a fracture of cranial bones. Neither doctors nor the media knows what will happen now, lets just see and pray that he gets well for his family and beloved that are looking forward to meeting him.
Hope you get well soon Jonathan!

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