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Apple releases iOS 13.5 – COVID-19 features-2020

Recently Apple has released Apple iOS 13.5 and iPad 13.5. The product is designed while taking into consideration the current scenario of the world. The world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic and we do expect from the tech companies to make something which can help the humans in this tough time.

So, one of the coolest features added in the device is the detection of the face by the lens even if the user is wearing a mask. This was a very creative step by the designers. Many of the users only use face lock for their convenience in their Apple Phones but due to the current circumstances, wearing a mask has become mandatory for every human. Being able to unlock their phone while wearing a mask will allow the users to avoid removing their mask and then unlock their Apple Phone. This feature is not only for the Apple Phone lock but also in other payment transactions locks. Along with that, another feature is added which will provide ease while video calling. Previously the video tiles of the person talking were much larger and would cover a major part of the screen. From now onwards the user can disable the feature and make the tiles of equal size.

There was also some debugging done by the programmers which will fix some issues like black screen whenever you do live to stream. The version 13.5 is not only available for iPhone but also for iPad and iPod touch models.

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