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Apple: The most expensive product yet

Apple’s Macbooks, one of the most famous laptops ever. They are slim, shinny, faster e.t.c. Since its first release in 2006, every year new version with better specifications released, the fame of Macbook is getting higher and higher.

This year though, they released something extraordinary. As Apple did announce about it in June, a machine that’s the fastest one of this decade, Mac Pro. Apple hasn’t launched a Mac Pro since 2013, but because of its trash like shape which made it hard for them to upgrade, they stopped continuing it. The 2019 version launched on 10th December, with the starting price of $6,000. It’s hard for someone average to buy as its 56% higher than the typical U.S. income. But they didn’t design this for an average customer. Price can also go up to $52,000 which is far higher than your average PC. The best part is that you have to clean Apple’s screen only with an Apple-made cloth. You can’t use any other or the screen will be damaged. You do get one with the machine but will have to buy a new one if the previous one got lost.

 “For that money, you’re not buying a PC,” said Ranjit Atwal, a senior research director at market research firm Gartner.

It is specifically designed for professionals and businesses where heavy tasks like app and video game development, large-scale data processing, networking infrastructure, music production, and film editing are performed.

Specifications of $6,000 Model:
1. 8-core processor
2. 32Gb RAM
3. Radeon Pro 580X graphics with 8GB of memory
4. 256GB storage space

Specifications of $50,000+ Model:
1. 28-core processor
2. 1.5TB RAM ($2,500)
3. 2 Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPU’s ($5,600 Individually)
4. 4TB storage

If you want to run 3-stream of RAW 8K video simultaneously, then you have to buy an Apple’s Afterburn card ($2,000) and wheels ($400). The machine is also a user-accessible RAM which means you can also use third-party AMD video cards as those aren’t a major crisis because the unit has eight PCI-E slots.

“That’s what you would expect to get for those kinds of price points,” Atwal said. “It’s almost a portable data center.”

The Mac Pro could also be well-suited for those interested in best-in-class gaming, says Jeff Fieldhack, research director at Counterpoint Research. “At the price, this is for the hardcore gamer and performance junkies,” he said to Business Insider via email.

This new Mac Pro is the biggest and beefiest computer that Apple has made since that IIfx, and that’s a good thing overall.

 What do you think about this product? Does the price worth it? or Apple is just using its brand name to earn more money? Please share your beliefs in the givens section below.

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