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Apple watch saved a 61 year old man’s life

Recently Apple watch has proved to be a life-saving gadget for a family living in India. A built-in feature in the apple watch has saved a 61-year-old man life. So what was that built-in feature? Let’s find out!

On March 2020 R Rajhans felt unwell and thought to utilize the apple watch gifted by his son to him. The retired pharma professional tried to check his ECG from the apple watch. Apple Watch ECG feature is a built-in feature in it and has great accuracy.  His son is a student at Harvard University admitted that his dad was having irregular heartbeats at the night while sleeping. When the problem persisted, Siddharth took him to a doctor and shared the information with him. Shockingly the doctor too admitted that something was wrong with Siddharth’s dad. The doctor diagnosed that his dad was suffering from a low ejection fraction and an immediate surgery was required. Because of the pandemic situation, the surgery was postponed. Until his surgery, Siddharth’s dad continued to check his ECG on the apple watch.

After the successful surgery, Siddharth messaged the CEO of Apple company Tim Cook about his father’s recovery. In reply, Tim cook wrote to him that he was happy to know about his father’s recovery and that his team will connect with him soon.

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