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Apple Watch Series 7 Rumors

It is expected that Apple is soon going to launch an Apple watch series 7, just this month, maybe in a few days or so! The thing you can look forward to is that the Series 7 has the first-ever significant redesign that we have seen in years.

Design and Display
We all have seen Apple watches and all of them are similar in structure and design, but in this Series 7, we are up for a pleasant surprise as it has drastic changes, never experienced in iDevices before. With the help of these features, you can easily distinguish it from other Apple Watches.
What are the changes and how will we identify Series 7 from other Apple Watches? For starters, it has new size options of 41mm and 45 mm, which is up from the older 40mm and 44mm. It also has thin bezels along with a new lamination technique that makes the display look larger and forefront.
It has a body size of 1.9 inches diagonally, better than the older 1.78 inches, and its resolution will be 396×484, instead of 368×448. This means that it has 18% more pixels than the Apple Watches to this date. It is also rumored to have the same flat-edged designs like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.
There is some information on Series 7 but nothing has been leaked. This information came from Apple’s Asian chain, and according to the renders, Series 7 is a mobile feature Apple Watch, that has a flat-edge design, two longer speakers present at the left of the Watch, and a digital crown. And as per the renders, it is said to be 1.7mm thinner than the date version but nothing has been confirmed. Some even say that it may have a thicker body but nobody would notice the change.

Processor and Connectivity
There are new processors in every Apple Watch, and hence Series 7 is also no exception. It is rumored that the Series 7 has a smaller “S7” chip, which is used to miniaturize the module as it uses double-sided technology. With the help of this chip, there will be a lot of room for other components. It is also rumored that Apple is going to use this room of extra space for a larger battery, and also that they would improve the wireless connectivity.
Health Features
It is rumored that Series 7 will have the ability to check the blood pressure of the user, but it was immediately rejected that there is no possibility of a blood pressure measuring capability of this Watch. There is nothing confirmed or even rumored properly so it is better to not get your hopes up for this feature.
New Watch Faces and Software
As there are many changes in the new model of the Series 7, it is said that Series 7 has exclusive watch faces, which are helpful for larger displays. This is what you can expect from the Series 7 Apple Watch.
Modular max watch face:
If you have a modular max watch face, then you will see the time in digital, along with other things like temperature, etc. It also has larger complications that are present at the bottom, stacked atop each other. This model is similar to the Infograph modular, just with a lot more large complications.
Continuum watch face:
It is based on the flow of the time and the current hour.
World time watch face:
This is by far the coolest as it allows a user to see up to 24 different time zones at the current time. There are two dials, the external and the inner. The external dial displays the different time zones, while the inner dial shows the exact time in the specific locations.
You might want to run your memory a little. If you remember correctly, Apple earlier introduced an option to “time to walk”, right? Well, Apple has decided to introduce this new option along with “time to run” and “audio meditation” features to this Series 7.
Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date
As I said in the beginning, it is rumored to be released this month, maybe in a few days, along with the models of the new iPhone 13. As to the exact date, some people say that it will be released on September 14, but it could be delayed as Apple has to face some issues due to the complexity of this new Apple Watch.

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