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Best Android apps for Chromebook 2020

There are a number of apps available that might run on your Chromebook,  but are they really worth it? There is only a specific number of Android apps that are best for your Chromebook. So what are those Best Android apps for Chromebook? Let’s find out!

Its been a while since Android app support has become available for Chrome OS. You can install a majority of applications on your specific Chromebook but there is only a limited amount of apps that are compatible with the respective OS. So below are the Best Android apps for Chromebook 2020.

5) VLC

The built-in video player for Chrome Os is very limited in terms of many things. So in order to counter that situation we recommend you to use VLC’s mobile app. It has everything you need to watch high-quality videos smoothly on your Chrome Os. Along with that, you have the freedom to move the window of VLC around the screen while you are busy with some other applications. Other features available include fast-forwarding the video for ten seconds. So you must give VLC’s mobile app a try. You can download it from here.

4) SketchBook

If you have an artistic mind, you should install Autodesk’s SketchBook app on your chrome os right away. The app is filled with a number of features to make stunning sketches and paintings. You can use a stylus to draw whatever you want on the screen. Amazingly this application is totally free too. Considering all these features Autodesk’s SketchBook app is definitely ranked among the best Chromebook android apps. You can download from here.


Planning your daily schedule is one of the most hectic jobs nowadays. Tick tick will help to eliminate that issue. This has been one of the finest task management apps that you can install on your Chromebook. So what are you waiting for? Go and download TickTick from Chromebook app store immediately.

2) GoPro Quik

If you are not a pro in video editing Gopro quick is the best tool for you to use on Chromebook. The best thing about this app is that everyone can use it because it is very simple. Various kinds of effects and transitions are available to meet your needs in the app.

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1) Netflix

Netflix was among those very first apps that got updated for Chromebooks. One of the biggest pros of using Netflix on Chromebook will be that you can watch the content offline too. You can download it from here.

So these were the Best Android apps for Chromebook. All these apps are available on Chromebook app store and you can easily download all of them from there.

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