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Top self driving cars 2020

There is a list of companies who are involved in manufacturing self-driving cars. “Allied market research” has predicted that the market value of self-driving cars might increase up to  US$556.67 billion in 2026. Companies are considering such predictions and thus investing huge sums of money on self-driving cars. 

So following are the best self-driving cars of 2020:


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Tesla lies among the “most discussed” automotive brand currently. Tesla is capable of manufacturing a huge amount of vehicles if compared to other automotive companies. Tesla uses advanced technologies including radar and 2d cameras to implement autonomous integrations in the vehicle. There around 600,000 Teslas currently roaming around the globe.

Argo AI

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Стартап Argo AI, разрабатывающий беспилотники и получивший ранее финансирование от Ford, объявил сегодня о значительной инвестиции от VW в размере $2.6 миллиардов. Это вливание увеличило стоимость компании до $7.25 миллиардов, и количество сотрудников до 1000 человек. Argo AI разрабатывает беспилотные технологии: программное обеспечение, оборудование, карты и облачные поддерживающие сервисы. Беспилотные технологии Argo AI трестируется в 6 штатах США, в том числе в Калифорнии. . . #bakunin #bakuninlive #bakunin_live #электромобили #электрическиеавтомобили #электрическийавтомобиль #ev #electricvehicles #силиконоваядолина #кремниеваядолина #стартап #беспилотник #беспилотники #беспилотныйавтомобиль #беспилотныеавтомобили #autonomousdrive #autonomousvehicles #autonomousdriving #будущее #тренд #future #новости #innovation #инновации #инновация #argo #argoai #vw #ford #investment

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This startup was initiated by the company which needs no introduction in the automotive industry, the Ford company. The testing has begun in 6 states of the United States and with around 100 Argos.  Volkswagen has invested around 2.6 billion of dollars in self-driving cars brand and that is none other than Argo AI.

GM Cruise

There are around 180 GM Cruise which are under the process of testing and have covered around 1 million miles. The company has received an investment of $2.25B from the world bank for autonomous cars manufacturing.


There are around 300 Baidu under testing which are roaming around on the streets of China and have covered around 3 million kilometres. Baidu initially was a search engine company for china but later turned to other industries. Reports have revealed that till 2030 the market value of autonomous cars will reach up toon 500 billion dollars. Baidu is currently providing taxi services too by using their self-driving cars.

So these were the best of 2020 self-driving cars. Hopefully, these tech companies will bring more advancements in the vehicles which will ease humans life further.

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