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Will Smith top movies till 2020

Will smith movies have always been epic for every kind of audience. Will Smith is not just an incredible actor but also a producer and a rapper.  There are dozens of will smith movies which are still considered to be the best among the Hollywood movies. We have compiled a will smith movies list which is still worth watching.

5)  I Am Legend (2007)

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“I am a legend” was an action-packed movie starring will smith as Lt. Col. Robert Neville.  “I am a legend” story was adapted from the novel written by  Richard Matheson’s novel with the same name.  A virus got spread in  New York which was turning humans to nocturnal mutants. In the movie, Neville was a virologist from the U.S army trying his best to find the cure of the disease. In many occasions, Neville was on the brink of dying while fighting against the mutants. I am Legend is a must watch the movie if you love movies filled with thrill and action. “I am legend” full movie is available here.

4) Ali (2001)

Filling the show of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was a huge responsibility for will smith. In the biopic, many events were highlighted which reflected the struggle phase of Muhammad Ali. It was a huge challenge for both the director of the film and Will Smith himself to present the biopic of the giant Muhammad Ali. By showing an outstanding performance on screen, Will Smith managed to grab many awards including “Bet awards for the Best Actor” and “MTV Award for the best male performance”. So overall this was also one of the best Will Smith’s movie.

3)Bad Boys (1995)

Bad boys film was directed by Michael Bay starring  Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as  Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey. Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey were two narcotic detectives in Miami. Both were on a mission to investigate the $100 million of seized Mafia heroin which got stolen. The movie got a lot of appreciation and later two further sequels were made including bad boys 2 and bad boys for life 2020.

2) Pursuit of Happiness

It was one of the best motivational movies ever produced by the Hollywood industry. This motivational movie was made for all audiences regardless of their race. Will Smith is starring as an Unemployed salesman, Chris Gardner. A time comes when Chris Gardner is homeless and out of money with his 5 years old son. Through his splendid piece of acting which left the audience in tears, Will Smith managed to get his second nomination in the Oscar Awards. It has been noticed that Will Smith’s motivational movies are always a big hit.

1) Men in Black

Men in Black, a science fiction movie was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were starring as two agents from a secret organization i.e Men in Black. These two agents were supervising aliens on earth who were hidden from other humans. In total, the grand worth of Men in Black was $589.4 million. Will Smith also got several awards for his part including “Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor”.

These were the top 5 Will smith movies which remind everyone that Will Smith has been one of the finest actors in the Hollywood industry.

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