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Beyoncé’s New Music Album ‘Black is King’ Review

July 31, 2020, was the date when ‘Black is King’ got released. This musical film was written and directed by Beyoncé herself, who also featured in it.  Beyoncé was also the executive producer of this epic musical film. More importantly, its the message disguised in the movie, which has been appreciated even by critics.

Disney+ is the official site on which ‘Black is King’ was launched. It was revealed on Disney’s official website that the production work on this project had started one year ago. The plot is fascinating, where a young king is on the quest to find his destiny and achieve self-identity. During this journey, the young kind goes through betrayal and hardships, but he dealt with those with bravery and wise decisions. The best part of ‘Black is King’ is the special guest appearances, which continued to amaze the audience. The film provides fruitful messages and inspirations for the viewers on various scenes. So it won’t be wrong to call it a motivational film too, especially for the black community.

It is also necessary to give credits to  Beyoncé, who managed and directed this whole project with so much perfection. Every visual in the film witnessed the artistic mind behind the lens, who was none other than Beyoncé herself. The stunning cinematography and the soothing music have taken the musical film to a whole new level.

‘Black is King’ is currently getting bombarded with compliments and love from all the black communities around the world. The musical film is for everyone who has dreams and wishes to fulfil them.

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