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Biden as president will raise Kashmir issue

Blinken has been former deputy national security adviser and has a great experience in this field. He is currently the advisor of Blinken highlighted some important points during the discussion at Hudson Institute.

Blinken reflected on Donald trump’s decisions and strategies regarding the Iran war. Along with this, he mentioned many other points. The most unique thing which he mentioned was the Kashmir Issue. Its the first time when any opposition has told in advance that it will highlight the Kashmir Issue. The advisor told that they are currently very concerned about the Kashmir issue and the role the Indian government has been playing. He clearly mentioned that they are concerned about the events happening in Kashmir where people are not getting their freedom of speech and are getting deprived of their basic right which is the right to freedom.

This advance notice would definitely be taken as a bitter pill by the Indian government. Despite seeing all the injustice in Kashmir, every U.S government has played almost no role in accepting that Kashmir is a big issue in the subcontinent. This message by the Biden’s spokesman is a signal to the World that there exist people who are aware of the injustice happening in Kashmir.

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