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Bill Gates take on coronavirus 2020

For years, Bill Gates has warned the world isn’t ready for a deadly pandemic. Let’s figure out what thoughts Bill gates has for the
Now carry out some of his dark predictions as coronavirus spreads around the globe. The virus results in a disease known as COVID-19 and since December, it has killed nearly 2,900 people and infected over 83,000 others globally. The biggest amount of death was in china due to this virus. Bill Gates wrote in an op-ed for the New England Journal of Medicine that COVID-19 has started to act like the pathogen we were concerned about once in a century. He told that he is hoping that the virus is not that bad.

Bill Gates referred to the epidemic as a pandemic although that announcement has not yet been issued by the World Health Organization. Instead, the organization has said the virus has “pandemic potential.” He acknowledged the role of leaders in such crises which are to fix the immediate problem and prevent it from happening again. In an op-ed, Gates proposed the many solutions which might delay the spread of the virus. One of which was that wealthy countries should provide skilled health-care workers in low-and middle-income countries in Africa and Southern Asia to monitor the spread of the virus and provide vaccines. Another is to establish an international database where knowledge can be exchanged by countries. He also has advised to develop a system that tests compounds for use in a vaccine that has already been tested for safety. He also stated that Governments and donors should finance production facilities that will be able to pump out vaccines within weeks.
Bill Gates informed that everyone should have access to a powerful and effective vaccine. Gates projected massive-scale trials for a coronavirus vaccine that could occur as early as June. Recently, Anthony Fauci, director of the infectious-disease center of the National Institutes of Health, said he planned to start testing candidates for vaccines in people by mid-April.

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