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Billie Eilish short film ‘NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY’

Billie Eilish recently featured in a short film which was uploaded on YouTube through her channel “Billie Eilish”. The short film got more than 20 million views in less than two weeks. The theme of the short film was based on body shaming.


Billie Eilish doesn’t hesitate to speak on such bold topics. She has been seeing a lot of comments on her social media platforms like Instagram where people have been commenting about how she dresses and the way she carries her body. So, this short film was a response to all those people who body shame others. Billie Eilish has stated very strong statements in the video like “You haven’t seen my body, yet you judge it” and “The body I was born with, is it not what YOU wanted”. At the end of the video, you can see her descending in black tar. This short was made to play before Billie Eilish ‘world tour performances but due to the pandemic, she just released it on YouTube. The title of the short film “NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY” sums it all. The title conveys the message that it’s not the responsibility of an individual to answer the criticism generated from others about how he or she looks. Every individual has the right to carry himself or herself in the way that he or she wants.

Body shaming has been an issue in our society for a very long time. It’s high time to realize that keeping your own business has become mandatory for a peaceful life. So, judging others and passing comments would benefit neither you nor the person you are passing your comments on.

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