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BMW is going to make an M3 wagon

Launch of BMW M3 wagon has been surfacing in the news for many years. Now it looks that BMW has finally decided to reveal whether it is going to launch. Recently BMW has shared a glimpse of M3 wagon on Instagram.

A report from BMW Blog confirms that the M3 wagon will be launched in 2023, and this will be the first M3 wagon to hit production. Only the back view of the M3 wagon was uploaded on Instagram as a teaser with a written comment: “Mic Drop.” Well! It looks that BMW is quite confident about this upcoming product of theirs. The most beautiful feature in the BMW M3 wagon is the four giant exhausts.

According to some sources, it is predicted that if we compare the latest sedan and the upcoming BMW M3 wagon, there won’t be much difference. With a fantastic horsepower of 480 horsepower, the BMW M3 wagon would also have a 3.5-liter twin-turbo.

BMW fans would have to wait for three years to experience the BMW M3 wagon’s functionalities. Currently, BMW has not revealed the full features of the M3 wagon. Hopefully, BMW will soon share that what cool features they will introduce in their new automotive M3 wagon.

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