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BMW: M8 First Edition 1-of-8

M series is mostly known for being sporty cars but in this new edition, they have put some extra features like much luxuries and bigger back seat space, sportier look, super lightweight, yellow laser lights e.t.c, like it can go from 0-100Kmph in just 3.5 secs. The automatic driving feature is also available with the addition of the “Track” feature, in which the car not only be able to detect the vehicle in front of it but also the track barriers on the sies. This car is all about performance and luxury.

First, let’s talk about color. It’s painted in Aurora Diamant Green Metallic color which is inspired by the northern lights. There are 4 doors, each 20 centimeters longer than the M8 coupes. Theirs also a 3-dimensional Y-shape ring in the tires with golden calipers

Secondly, it’s interior is very comfortable. The seats are covered with BMW’s Individual Ivor White/Tartufo Full Merino leather and also features Individual Piano Black trim with a “First Edition 1/400” on the center console door. Underhood it has the same power train as on the standard M8 Gran Coupe Competition like we will get the same 4.4L Engine V8 Twin-Turbo mill with 625HP and 750 Nm of torque hooked up to an 8-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive.

One of the best features of this car is the map/music player screen. Now, what’s new in it? Every car has that. Well, every car requires physical touch to give commands but this one doesn’t. So if you wanna increase the volume then you move your finger in the right circle angle and left angle if you wanna decrease, in front of the screen. If you wanna change the station or play the next song then just make a hand sign (pointing towards the right) like you are asking for a lift and it’ll change. Isn’t it fascinating?

It’s the most expensive and powerful BMW yet.

Its limited production (400 cars) is set to begin in March 2020 and deliveries shortly after. It will cost about $230,000.

      Have you ever drove any of the M series of BMW? If yes, then what was your experience? Please share your belief in the given section below.

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