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Britney Spears’ Engagement Announced with Sam Asghari

You all must know Britney as she is the princess of pop, she brought teen music back in the late 19s and the early 20s. Now all her fans came to know of her engagement with the one and only Sam Asghari. How this news went viral, I’ll explain it below.
Britney met Sam on a music video set in the year 2016, and since then she has taken a liking to him. Recently in some singer’s post on Instagram, it showed a couple flaunting their rings. After that, Sam finally posted a photo that showed them kissing while showing off their rings, and later his manager confirmed this saying that the couple has finally made their lost-standing relation public and that they are happy with the love and support they gained from their fans despite the age difference.
Mr. Asghari was born in the Iranian capital Tehran but moved to Los Angeles at the age of 12 to live with his father, who was a truck driver.
In an interview with Forbes earlier this year, he described arriving in the US without speaking any English: “It was a culture shock, coming out here with a completely different language to speak.”
About sam Asghari’s family, he has about 3 sisters, migrated from Iran to the US. In Iran, nobody paid much heed to Sam’s roots whenever they were discussing his marital life. Someone tweeted saying that just because of Sam, Britney has been successful in beating depression, and if it won’t be because of him, then she would still be under her father’s control. Now the great thing is, he is marrying her soon, we don’t know when but soon.
In another tweet, someone wrote that even though Sam is only 27 while Britney is 39, it doesn’t matter as they are meant to be together.

As we all know that Britney has been married twice before, and none of them were successful so far. While her first marriage didn’t even last a few months, her second marriage happened in the same year which lasted about 2 years and some months max. From her second marriage, she had two kids, and after that, they divorced too. Her marriages were in the year 2004, a few months apart, and her second marriage lasted till 2007.
In an interview, Britney said that her father regards her with cruelty, and even in a testimony that happened in June, she requested the judge to finish this abusive conservatorship immediately, as she wanted to get married to Sam, and have more children in the future. After that, one month later, she even filed charges against her father. This is because the court-ordered conservatorship that Britney’s father received, gave him full control of his daughter’s life, and he abused this control over her. But still, Britney’s father holds some authority over her business management.
A file was registered just last week by her father to finally end this conservatorship, but a hearing is scheduled for the 29th of September, let’s wait and see what happens. Will her father finally leave her alone and let her get married and have kids, or will he still rule over her life from every aspect?

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