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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion New Song ‘WAP’

‘WAP’ is the brand new lead single from the 2nd album of Cardi B. Cardi B has collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion to make the single a success. The song was released on 7th August 2020. The music video has received a superb response on Youtube and other platforms.

Cardi B was already informing her fans that a brand new single was on the way in the past. Colin Tilley did the video direction. ‘WAP’ would be Cardi B’s first song of 2020, and that’s why fans have been quite restless to hear her from a year. On the other hand, Megan Thee Stallion also needs no introduction in the field of rap music. Her presence has taken the music video to a whole new level. However, there was a flaw in the song. The lyrics of the song were vulgar because Youtube demanded a censored version for the visuals of the song ‘WAP.‘ The cool things about the music video were the cameos by different celebrities. You will see the stunning Kylie Jenner wearing a leopard printed outfit in the music video.

The music video is currently trending on Youtube. Within 24 hours, ‘WAP’ was successful in hitting 16 million views on Youtube. The bold moves and scenes in the music video have forced the fans to hit the replay button again.

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