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Chris Evan’s accidentally posted a ‘D-pic’

The star of ‘The Avengers’ Chris Evan has recently accidentally posted something which no celebrity would ever want to. Chris Evans has accidentally posted a  ‘D-pic’ of his on Instagram.

Chris Evan’s Instagram followers had gone nuts when they saw the  ‘D-pic’ of Chris Evans. No doubt it was a big shock for all the Chris Evans fans. A video was posted accidentally which included a gallery of pictures and one of the pictures was a nude picture. Chris Evan’s leaked photos included a meme of his own face with a caption “Guard that”. Many people on Instagram and twitter starting making fun of the picture by making memes on it. Some of the twitter posts are worth reading. Take a look!

The posts were deleted later. Chris Evan’s leaked photos are currently surfacing on many social media platforms. Jokes apart every person deserves privacy and even if the pictures were accidentally posted, they were not meant to be made fun of. So if anyone is reading this, please do not share anyone’s private photos.

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