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Colson Whitehead won the Pulitzer Prize

Colson Whitehead is considered in one of the best United States authors who get the honor of becoming the fourth writer who has won the Pulitzer price the second time. The devotion to writing results that Colson Whitehead Won the Pulitzer Prize the second time. The Afro-American writer got the Pulitzer Prize for his book named “The Nickel Boys” which represents the misuse of black boys at a child improvement school in Florida.

This fifty years old citizen of New York Colson Whitehead won the Pulitzer Prize in the year 2017 for writing the book of Underground Railroad. Before the arrival of the Colson Whitehead in history, there were three authors named Tarkington, William Faulkner, and John Updike who won the Pulitzer Prize for the second time.
The awards 2020 was suspended for some week by seeing the coronavirus conflict situation. It will be pronounced in the same year at the residence of the Pulitzer administrator named Dana Canedy. She notified that the first Pulitzer price was given in the year of 1917 before a year of spreading the Spanish Flu.

The Nickel Boys wrote by Colson Whitehead express the affection by the fear situation of the Dozier School in Florida for boys. The children were influenced by the slight crimes subject to the destructive physical force to misuse. The Pulitzer Team appreciated the Harvard Graduate Novel for an explanation of misuse at an improvement school in Florida which indicates a strong relation to the defense of human beings.

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