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Conspiracy Theories of Steve Bing’s Death

In the year 2020, we lost another beloved scriptwriter, filmmaker, philanthropist, and businessman. Steve bing died on the 22nd of June, in 2020, by jumping off of his condominium from the 27th floor, resulting in his death. There are a lot of conspiracy theories on his death, and we will discuss some of them here in this article.
Steve knew a lot of celebrities and dated a lot of them too, but he only had a few close friends that were aware of his whereabouts always. During the lockdown, his friends tried to contact him a lot even on his new numbers, but none of them received any answer, and this got them all worried. And just after a few days, one morning the news of steve’s death came, stating that he fell or rather jumped off of this floor to his death. Fans started conspiring theories that he didn’t commit suicide, rather someone pushed him. They said the late multimillionaire sex offender Jeffery Epstein had something to do with steve’s death due to their connection, but this theory made steve’s friends angry as they have never seen steve interacting with Jeffery or showed signs of any relation with him. Steve’s friends know about how lonely and depressed steve was due to the lockdown. None of the movies steve made were a success and this made steve suffer a lot both mentally and financially. Steve’s friends knew that steve had ruined all his wealth in bets, and debts that he found no other way than to end his life.

Even tho steve was a multimillionaire, as he had inherited millions in his name, but that doesn’t mean that he had enough money to survive all his life with the debts he had, and his gambling habit had everything way worst than before. When steve inherited the money, he became arrogant that he had all the money and he can start his own filmmaking career, but even with all the money he had, his movies still didn’t gain success and flopped almost immediately. So, he had to take loans but even they proved to be unhelpful. In the end, he got depressed, due to both his career not succeeding and his love life not working with Elizabeth Hurley, and he committed suicide as he didn’t have any other option on how to clear the debts from his name, and recently it was stated that none of steve’s children will inherit any property, but let’s see with time if that is true or not.
After steve’s death, a lot of people started questioning the sudden death of a multimillionaire without any proof. They started raising questions that how can a multimillionaire get “depressed” that he had no many and thought of it better to commit suicide, when miraculously his friend Jacob Epstein also “committed suicide” by finding a long electric cord in his empty and suicide-proof cell, and then hanging himself in such a way that he broke his neck and died. And how Rob Burkle also committed suicide, all this doesn’t end up well if you think about it. All the “hard-party” group excluding Jeffrey Epstein “died” by committing suicide, how is that possible? Do you think, a 55-year-old multimillion jumping from a high building due to being depressed about not having money, is true, or do we not know everything that is there to know?

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