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Corona virus (covid-19) Untold stories emerging on international media

Natural epidemic or biological warfare

We have seen over the years that developed countries are racing for the newest methods of tackling their enemies and in the past, we have seen extremist organizations using biological weapons for their activities instead of conventional methods. The second world war was the first time when the biological warfare was introduced.the most prominent example is Japan killing more than 500 million Chinese over a period of three decades using pathogens and toxins, releasing in their societies and causing their economy and internal strength to weaken and eventually taking over their primary sources

Steven Block, a profound biophysicist and member of Stanford university cover biological warfare in his theory of black biology that says a shadowy science in which microorganisms are genetically engineered for the sole purpose of creating novel weapons of terror We have seen multiple diseases that are now part of our societies as a common illness but initially, they were methods used in wars and encounters as biological weapons, the main examples are Haemorrhagic fever through Marburg virus (V) in Soviet bioweapons program, Smallpox through Variola major (V) in the 18th century and polio epidemic in third world countries. these are some examples of many known methods used in the past over centuries that killed millions of humans.

Now coming back to the recent epidemic in the shape of a virus that outbroke in 2020 January. The virus is 5th generation corona virus COVID5
previously the corona virus also outbroke in china in the form of SARS and MERS causing much death but the main difference was the identification of virology of the virus and treatment was available through medical research and experimentation.
In international media, there is a big concern that the virus is propelled and genetically prepared and distributed in a specific time and place to make its adverse effects worse and proper.WHO says that we are not just battling a virus we are also battling conspiracies and propaganda that either propagated the outbreak or have some reasons for its achieved results. Tencent news, a very popular source of information have leaked some intelligence agencies news that says that the virus was created in labs and is one of china’s ways to control its population China spent billions of dollars each year to pay their old citizens in their senior citizen beneficiary program and this virus is somehow have shown more deaths in the older population.

A GOP senator named cotton said in its interview that the virus was leaked from Wuhan laboratory where they work on serious pathogens like ebola one of the discussions in social media is about the timing of the virus and the origin, Chinese media says that the virus is originated in bats which were its reservoir hosts and then transformed into human which are its paratenic host and shown symptoms, but china is been using bats and wild animals as a source of food for many decades and the hygienic environment was even worse in the past. the most concerning fact is the timing of the outbreak, the Chinese new year, the time of traveling of local people.
America and China are always in paths of economical struggle with trades of billions going in loss due to unexpected business deals and individual benefits, but recently we have seen china winning the economical war with America while taking their investments and industry to flourish in china which is a big concern for the American economy. Corona virus has impacted the Chinese economy severely causing all the investors to withdraw and their stock exchange has gone through more than 11 billion dollars in just one month When all these facts are combined, it’s very hard to just say that the recent outbreak of corona virus is a natural epidemic.

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