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Coronavirus in USA 2020

Coronavirus originated in China in 2019 but its effects are fatal and widespread. How Coronavirus is affecting the USA? Let’s figure out!

The lethal coronavirus took another life in Wuhan on Saturday. It marked the first acknowledged death of American citizens from coronavirus.
The first US coronavirus patient was a 35-year-old man who was seeking treatment at a care center after coming back from Wuhan. The center sent his samples to the CDC, which confirmed the fact that he had the coronavirus.
There are 15 confirmed cases in the United States as the coronavirus epidemic continues to worsen in China. The most recent US patient was confirmed in Texas on Thursday, February 13, where they were kept in isolation after landing on a Chinese charter flight. The virus has infected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and killed more than 1,000 people, almost all of them in mainland China.

The emergence of a new 2019-nCoV corona-virus has prompted health screenings at airports in many countries, including the United States. Health professionals are stating that those screenings will possibly not be the deciding thing that whether the virus maintains to unfold globally. Twenty U.S. airports have set up checks for U.S. citizens coming from China where the virus originated (entry is now restricted to foreign visitors who visited China within 14 days before arriving in the U.S.)Passengers fill out their travel paperwork and are checked for fever. Passengers with signs that could form corona-virus infection will be screened at a Quarantine Station airport
The US has put journey regulations in place, briefly denying access to foreign nationals who visited China inside the 14 days earlier than their arrival to the United States, said a health official.
Restrictions observe to US residents who’ve been in China’s Hubei province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, in the two weeks earlier than their return to the United States. It would be mandatory to isolate the citizens for 14 days where their health would be monitored on their return, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said on January 31.

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