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Cristiano Ronaldo Is In Free Fire, As A Whole New Character With A Whole New Universe

Free Fire is the first self-developed game of Garena and announced Cristiano Ronaldo as its latest global brand ambassador. The partnership considers one of the most significant tie-ups within the gaming industry, uniting two world’s most popular icons as one is the most popular mobile game with a popular global sporting icon. Free Fire’s partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo aims to continuously bring pleased content for its users all over the world.

Free Fire Continues To Discover charisma For Users

“This is a really momentous partnership for Free Fire. Cristiano Ronaldo is a role model for many of us, and being able to collaborate with him and present him to hundreds of millions of people around the world is truly exciting,” said Harold Teo, Free Fire Producer at Garena. “Our partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo offers even more ways for our communities all over the world to enjoy Free Fire.”

What Players Can Expect From Chrono

Players are looking forward to playing as Cristiano Ronaldo in the game, in an all-new character named as “Chrono”. More details will be revealed through exclusive Chrono microsite.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Free Fire’s latest global brand ambassador, articulate his thoughts while partnering with one of the world’s most popular mobile survival battle royale, particularly as he worked very closely with the team to make this character. “It’s a great feeling having not only a character in Free Fire modelled after me, but also having the whole universe within the game-changing along with it.”

“The Garena team has worked into the game tons of new features and elements for Operation Chrono. I hope Free Fire players all over the world are just as excited as I am!” said Cristiano Ronaldo.

 Exhilaration In The Industry

Matt House CEO of SportQuake shared how this partnership is causing great enthusiasm and eagerness among the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and also of Free Fire and the gaming industry. “Football, gaming, and tech are coming together to create exciting new collaborations and this one between Cristiano Ronaldo and Free Fire is on another level,” House said.

“The amount of planning, creativity and detail that has gone into making Chrono is just amazing and is really exciting for Free Fire players. This partnership demonstrates the endless possibilities for both industries,” House added. SportQuake, the football partnership experts, were played significant role among the parties to make this partnerships possible.

Free Fire can be downloaded on both, Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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