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Daniel Craig Joking about Rami Malek Babysitting the Royal Kids

Our royal couple prince and princess William and Kate had recently been on a movie premiere called “no time to die” in London. Their appearance was happy news for the fans. While they were there, they met some of the movie actors including Rami Malek.

When the premiere finished, Rami Malek said that he had been keeping an eye on this royal couple, and from their body language and expressions he could tell that they were impressed by the movie. That’s what he felt by Prince Williams’s body language, and he said that a person’s body language says a lot about things that they won’t.
After the event, Rami Malek was invited to the jimmy Kimmel live show where he told about this interaction he had with the princess of the duchess. He said that he spoke to her personally and here’s how it went. He started by saying that it must have been exhausting and she responded with why. Then he further said that she just have a baby and by her expression she was shocked and then she asked how he was. But in return, Rami ask her the same question and in response, she gave him an elegant way look that was somewhat surprised and genuinely happy that someone asked about her well-being. Well, you consider if you are dressed to nines and interacting with all the famous people and then someone suddenly comes up to you and asks how they were would make anyone genuinely happy, right? But that’s not the end of the conversation.

It was clear that he gave her an offer to babysit the royal’s kids. He even told this on the show that he offered to babysit the three royal kids named princes George, Louis, and Princess Charlotte. That is only if the royal couple had to go out for a while, he could be their backup.

Daniel is also quite a Richie rich with his net worth of $160 million.

Daniel Craig joked about how it must have been when rami offered his babysitting serviced to the royal couple. By the way, Daniel is rami’s costar actor.

Daniel further said that it must have been quite forward, Mr. Robot giving his babysitting services to the royal couple. But what will he charge them hourly, the actor further joked. He also joked that he doesn’t remember rami being muscles anywhere so it is a possibility that they had a deal maybe.
Although we all know that this is quite bizarre that the royal couple would leave their kids to Rami, him being the babysitter, but still. One can think, right. It would be quite fun to see our Mr. Robot keeping an eye on the royal kids and caring for them.
But still, why would a Richie rich man babysit the kids of a Richie rich couple, quite weird to think right?

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