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Danyal Zafar’s “Blue Butterfly” Ain’t For Pakistani Audience?

He’s a singer with a warm and mature voice, who has never missed a chance to ‘Wow’ his audience, is also a brother of the famous singer & actor ‘Ali Zaffar’.

He’s also passionate about music like his elder brother. His debut was made in Coke Studio with ‘Momina Mustehsan’. Since then he has changed his genre to blues music to stand out from the crowd and because of his interest in western music.

As he was really excited about his new music video which was shot in different places of Los Angeles, he kept updated his fans about it on Twitter. But now when his new music video ‘Butterfly’ (featuring Inja Zalta) has been released, it’s getting criticized on Twitter a lot. The fans were left disappointed. No one can understand what the scenes in the video were expressing. Some scenes don’t even meet the lyrics. Few of the viewers claim this to be a fail attempt of copying western style.

Frank Ocean & John Mayer were his inspiration for this song. But didn’t know what was the inspiration behind the video. But according to him, it’s a piece of art, created by him, the director and the team.

     “The target for this video was the western audience because I always wanted to work on a couple of English albums and have a set-up in a place like Los Angeles,” Danyal told Galaxy Lollywood. The song actually revolved around falling in Love.

He also replied to the haters that “I knew this (music video) will not be understood by some people, and I’m alright with that, As everyone has their own opinion, you can’t do anything about that”. Though twitter is filled with memes about his music video now.

This song which is directed by ‘Ash Gupta’ of 848 Media Group is supposed to be his debut in the western world. He’s also preparing his next album which will be in the English language completely. He’s really passionate about being a western star. Not bad though. Best Of luck Daniyal.


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