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Did Tesla Just Confirmed That the Robot Takeover Is Here?

The AI Day by Tesla was marked by many hard-core fans of Tesla on their calendars. This day was to appease the Tesla fans with the safety of self-driving programs. The event was even a success as people were made to understand Tesla’s computer vision capabilities and its AI technology. And when the day came to almost an end, no one saw it coming! Yes! Something unexpected happened! An unexpected guest came on the stage in a robot costume! It was a humanoid robot dubbed as a ‘Tesla Bot’.

Rumors of ‘Tesla Bot’ introduction

The unexpected guest was a man of 5 feet, 8 inches tall dressed as a robot. He did a bizarre dance and left the audience confused. Many people thought of it to be just a random distraction but some people just knew that this was all the confirmation that they needed to know about the ‘Robot Takeover’ in the near future. From this bizarre stage dance, the whole conversation of the event pivoted to this ‘Tesla Bot’.

The purpose of this was to let people know that Tesla’s automation technology is so advanced that soon, not only self-driving cars but also automating humans will be taking over all the areas of life.
We already know that many things like Roomba, Self-Check-Out Machines, and Auto-Fill computers are already in our use. Most of our life revolves around this type of automated technology. So, it is not far that the automated humanoids take over the other fields too.

Automation as Technological Evolution

Most people think that what Automation has to do with Robots! Well, to clear this misunderstanding and to give them an answer, Automation has to do everything with robots as both of them are intertwined. On-site robust supercomputers, advanced vision technologies for computers, and hyper-complex learning algorithm for machines, these are the fundamental components of an autonomous vehicle. But, these are also the fundamental components of all the automation platforms. This means that if you get the understanding of it for one automation technology then it is not far-fetched that you will get the understanding of it for the other automation technologies too.
The introduction of ‘Tesla Bot’ on the AI day a week ago was also because of this purpose. They wanted the people to know that Tesla’s automation technology has come a long way now and soon, the Tesla Bots will take over almost all the areas. Not only Tesla, but many other companies, who had invested in automation technology, are figuring out the core of automated technologies. For example, Intuitive Surgical, a Med-based technology, is already providing hospitals with robotic surgical systems.
This is all the proof that people need to know that soon robots will take over almost all the areas of life and the concept of ‘Robot Takeover’ will come true.

Investment in Automation Economy

The investment in the automation economy is not like the usual investment as this time around, people are not buying the companies that are making automation economy, instead, they are investing in small startup technologies. This is because people think by investing in robotics and AI technologies; the Automation Economy will get a power-up.
With the speed all this advancement in AI technologies is going, it is not far that it will become the biggest stock market of the 2020s. it is also expected to be more profitable than humans.

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