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Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson, the highest-paid actor in 2019

The rock, the most liked actor in the world has been the most paid and highest earned celebrity in the world. he is been reported earned 90 million us dollars in just 9 months with the help of many movies and his brand s of tequila and his 5 bucks company.

The rock has come across a famous actor and as well as a very charming personality. people have seemed to work with rock greatly and it is said in many newspapers that rock is one of the best person to work with. \He have worked with all kind of actors and actresses no matter they are famous or just starting their career

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hand and footprint ceremony in the forecourt of the Chinese Theater Featuring: Dwayne Johnson, The Rock Where: Los Angeles, …

With the recent death of his father, the rock said that he is severely shocked and he is planning to continue his work as an actor and as the owner of many brands and companies. he seems very shocked and depressed at the funeral service of his father.

The rock is also in great shape. he is probably the one actor who never going to lose his shape because the Rock has one motive that he never forgets, NEVER MISS THE IRON PARADISE


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