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Earth Day |2020|

In these times of crises, many of us ignored that it was Earth Day on 22nd April. The fatal coronavirus pandemic has confined not only our daily routines but also the events to stay virtual.

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Indigenous peoples worldwide have been stewards of land and life since time immemorial. This moment of crisis demands new narratives rooted in decolonizing and racial justice. This year’s Earth Day theme is Climate Action. We must create more sustainable ways of living in relationship with our environment and demand that our government put people and planet first, not fossil fuel industries. Indigenous communities model a deep respect for our planet, honoring its history and striking the balance needed to connect with nature and her rhythms. This Earth Day, join us and @culturestrike in centering the leadership and abundance of ancestral wisdom held by Indigneous communities as we fight to manifest new climate futures and protect the biodiversity of the world around us. We’re teaming up with @earthdaynetwork to commission art from Indigenous artists and artists of color to show us what a #ClimateWoke future can look & feel like. Join a digital Earth Day activation near you this Wednesday April 22nd at: bit.ly/eday2020. 🎨x @JackieFawn

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Earth Day was initially celebrated in 1970 due to the severe damages done to it during the “Industrial Progress”. No attention was given to the impacts the industrial era was causing on earth. So an initiative was taken by higher organizations for the betterment of the environment to set a day that is dedicated to the Earth. Today we are considering coronavirus as a big threat on earth. It is! No doubt! But we have to consider all the changes caused by it. Due to lockdown many factories have been closed which has resulted in a reduction in the emission of harmful gases which used to pollute the environment. So there has been a considerable cut down in the amount of pollution in various areas on earth. So nature has provided relief in disguise too. That what nature is. On the other hand, we have to ponder what role our society is playing during these times. How much sincerity we are showing as a human being to save earth during these tough times? How much social distancing are we maintaining? The best way to celebrate Earth Day today is to maintain social distance and stay hygiene and analyze the mistakes every individual has been doing which has and may contribute to water and air pollution. That’s the duty on our part for the sake of the betterment of our entire society.

Fast forward to 2020, we must analyze whether the graph of quality of the environment has increased or decreased until now. We have to work together as a family in order to bring things back to normal and eliminate the actions we are taking which may harm our environment.

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