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Elon Musk slightly changed his baby’s name

Every Parent wants to pick a unique name for their newborn baby. Elon and Grimes went a little far! The name they decided for their boy was “X Æ A-12”. Obviously, no one was expecting such a unique name. It was very much expected that the laws of the country won’t allow them to do that. So, Elon and Grime have slightly changed the name.

The state of California categorically mentioned on twitter that the law won’t allow Elon Musk and Grimes to name their son “X Æ A-12”. The reason was that according to the laws of California, a name cannot have numbers in it. Elon Musk’s son was “X Æ A-12” so the presence of the number “12” was creating a contradiction. As a result, Elon and Grimes had no other option but to change the name. Interestingly they made a clever move. They replaced the number “12” by a Roman numeral. Instead of “12”, they used “Xii”. So, it is evident now that Elon and Grime follow what their heart and do not back down when they have decided something. It is not yet confirmed that this new name will be accepted by the state law or not.

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Grime and Elon are expecting that after the change they have made in the name, the new name will be accepted by the state of California. It seems that they are quite passionate to have a unique name of their son. So, let’s see the new name get accepted or not.

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