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Elon Musk’s Starship Prototype Exploded During Landing

Have you ever watch Star-trek movie or a Star trek web series on Netflix? Have you ever dreamed of going to space or becoming the part of star fleet? If not then I must recon you should watch this movie before reading this news.

Because Elon Musk is about to mold your dreams into reality in no time with his SpaceX Company.

 Elon Musk has launched the prototype of his Starship vehicle code-named SN8 from Texas. This SN8 was a 50m- tall prototype rocket with no crew members. SN8 took his flight from the Boca Chica R&D facility after a brief flight of 12.5km (41000ft.) then crashed on touchdown but Mr Musk was delighted with the results and the achievements.

Before the flight, the tech billionaire Elon Musk already expresses his expectations and apprise his fans that some mishap may happen.

However, Musk has immense hopes for his new Starship project when it is fully developed. He believes that it is the future for his SpaceX Company.

Purpose of this Starship is to launch people and cargo into orbit, and Mr. Musk also envision the vehicle travelling to the Moon and the Mars.

The SpaceX CEO Applaud his team for the success, adding that this Exposition had acquired “all the data we needed”.

“Mars, here we come!!” he tweeted.


The SpaceX Company has created a line of even more complex prototypes rockets. Purpose is to attain the desire goal until it fails. SN8 was the first one to attempt a high-altitude flight.

The plan was to launch a rocket successfully out to the atmosphere then enters like a belly-facing object with ending with a flip back to the vertical position just before touchdown just like we saw in the movies. Most of it was achieved with the clean launch off SN8 but it was when the rocket tried to flip back to the vertical position there it goes wrong.

The vehicle could not control its speed while landing it was with too much speed, and promptly exploded on impact.

“Fuel header tank pressure was low during landing burn, causing touchdown velocity to be high & RUD,” Mr Musk writes on Twitter.

“RUD” stands for “rapid unscheduled disassembly”. A crash, in other words.

Mr Musk will move swiftly on. He already has other prototypes at the facility ready to take SN8’s place. While observing, SN8 looked quite different from the articles that going to be next in the test.

The new vehicle has given three of SpaceX’s latest methane-burning Raptor engines, a pointy head like a nose cone and aerodynamic control surfaces – the large flaps at its top and base.

This vehicle stand 118m tall with Super heavy boosters producing more than 70mn (16 million lbs) of thrust. That’s even much more than the Apollo Saturn 5 rocket, which sent men to the Moon.

In June this year, Mr Musk stated that Starship was now his number-one priority, he continuously flies for satellite companies, the US Air Force and the US space agency (NASA) for data and collaboration for the aim to launch people into the orbit and set colonies on the moon and mars.

Right now specifications call for more than 100-tonnes to be lifted into low-Earth orbit. This launch could include satellites, people and even hardware to build bases and colonies on the Moon and Mars.

The SpaceX CEO is famous for his aggressive nature and overly promising schedules. However, he have had a habit of proving critics wrong by eventually achieving his goals.


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