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Ertugral Ghazi trending on Youtube |2020|

Ertugral Ghazi is a Turkish television series which is available on youtube too. Along with being on youtube this famous series is being aired on Pakistan channels too. Specifically, it can be watched on Ptv which is a very well-known tv channel in Pakistan. So let’s get into details of the current scenario of this trending series.

So without a doubt, Ertugral Ghazi which is attracting a great amount of audiences from all over the world. Recently the makers decided to upload the series on youtube which is resulted in a great spike of views for this series. It has got 1 million subscribers on youtube in no time and is ranked in one of the fastest subscribed youtube channels in a specific niche. A major reason for achieving an audience so quick is the availability of a dubbed version of the series in Urdu and in the future, it will be dubbed in other languages too. Riyaad Minty is a worker in Turkish Radio and television who has appealed the fans to subscribe to this channel as much as they can to break the record of 6.6 million views in a month. The shocking thing is that they already have reached 6 million views.

Ertugral Ghazi
is all set the break the records as seen by its current progress. The major reason for such success is the beautiful message behind the scripts of this series. The main motive of such series and dramas would be to tackle the negative narrative against Islam and will remind the world about the positive and stronger side of Muslim history.

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