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Facebook: Gets fined By Brazilian Ministry

On Monday, Brazil’s Ministry of Justice has fined U.S. tech giant Facebook Inc for not sharing user data properly. The fine is about $1.6 million (6.6 million reais).

“It was found that 443,000 Facebook user’s information was improperly available to the developers of an app known as ‘This Is Your Digital Life’,” said the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

“The data was also being shared for “questionable” purposes,” added the ministry.

The ministry also said that the Facebook – world’s largest social network – failed to provide its users with sufficient information concerning default privacy settings, especially connected to data of “friends” and “friends of friends.”

The amount of fine applied by the Brazilian government fades in comparison to the $5 billion paid by Facebook in the US to resolve a government lawsuit. But still, it is larger than the $656,000 fine applied by the UK data protection watchdog earlier this year, which also results from an investigation around the Cambridge Analytica case.

Facebook didn’t reply immediately to the request for comment.

The ministry informed that they start their investigation when they came to know about a media report about the misuse of personal data related to about half a million users in political campaigns, by the political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica in 2018.

96% of the Brazilians believe that the companies don’t do sufficient efforts to protect their personal information, according to IBM’s global survey of 11,000 consumers in 11 countries (including Brazil).

Facebook has only 10 days to appeal the decision. The fine is supposed to be paid under 30 days.

     What do you think about the matter of ‘Information Misuse’ that’s been occurring again and again? Will Facebook be a safe place to share your personal data in the near future? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.

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