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Facebook & Google launched an amazing free app

Facebook is one of the best things happen on the internet yet. With more than 2.45B users, it has become the biggest source of communication. Recently, Facebook has launched a new app in partnership with Google, which is related to photo sharing. You can share your Facebook pictures and videos directly to the google photos, instead of doing it separately via this app.

If you are living in Ireland, you can have access to it right now. Because they have already launched it in Ireland for testing and will launch for the rest of the world in early 2020. Just open your Facebook settings within your Facebook Information and access their service from there. Its the same section from where you can download your Facebook Information too. The social media giant is making people’s life easy by providing them these kinds of apps which saves their time too. But the adding of Facebook users in addition to the existing Google users (who are already using google photos) will put more burden on the servers. For which they will have to make their servers much stronger to hold that many users and at the same time have the capability to protect every user’s data.

“We have kept privacy & security as our priorities, so all data transferred will be encrypted and every time a transfer will be made, the user will be asked to enter their password,” says Steve Satterfield (Direction of Privacy and Public Policy at Facebook).

This new tool depends on a code that was developed via the company’s participation in the Project related to open-source Data Transfer, where other giant tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, And Google have also participated.  Coincidentally, this app of Facebook comes into the light, in the time when Facebook & Google has been investigated by regulators on both sides of the Atlantic for its data collection practices. The decision for Investigation was taken by the European Commission. The time this Commission decided to investigate Google, out of nowhere, they announce the Investigation of Facebook too. The questionnaire has been sent to both companies as a part of its Investigation.

To made this app, Facebook had to discuss it with policymakers, academics, regulators, advocates from the UK and Germany to Brazil. They also talked about what data should be kept portable and the way which makes sure that the user’s privacy is protected while performing data transfer.

This app will work with other services too, like iCloud & OneDrive.


 Do you believe their collaboration will work out? Will it be more secure than it already is? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.




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