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Facebook launches Bitmojis like Avatars |2020|

Facebook has decided to launch a feature that will enable you to create a virtual look-alike of yourself. It was released on Wednesday. Let’s discuss how cool this feature is.

This new feature will enable you to not only create a virtual look-alike of yourself but also to customize it. Yes! You can have different shades of hair colors or you can add a big mustache on your face. Such features are introduced to maintain the interest of the user in the respected application. To access this option, you have to simply go to the smiley icon which will lead you to the stickers, there you will see the option of “Make Your Avatar” and here you go! Facebook has enabled this option not only for chats but also in comments and in the Gaming profile section. This concept of Avatars was first initiated by Snapchat. So it will be great to see whether Facebook can do this better than Snapchat.

Such updates might sound childish in the first look but they play a vital role in maintaining the interest of users. Big tech companies like Google, Apple and Samsung also introduced this feature in 2018. So let’s see how differently Facebook can do this thing.

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