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Facebook: Launching their own OS?

Facebook Inc. is trying to build their own operating system as they have been depending on their biggest rival Apple and Google, the most commonly used OS in the world. Facebook is afraid that one day these companies may remove them totally from their App stores.

According to a Facebook spokeswoman, the planned operating system will focus more on future products, such as augmented-reality glasses, reported by The Information. Facebook has also shared the plans related to building this type of glasses, with software built-in, but the social media giant is years away from launching anything in this industry, as there is already a lot of competition and they have to come up with something very different to stand.

“We really want to make sure that the next generation has space for us,” Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s head of hardware, told The Information. “We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to make certain that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves,” he added.

It’s not the first time that Facebook has tried something like this. In the past, Facebook once tried to build it’s own mobile phone and software layer to work on HTC Corp. phones, though in the end, both projects failed. Facebook also had a secret project in progress called Oxygen. This project meant to do its work in case it’s app ever got blocked from the Stores of Apple or Google, then it will ensure that the users could them somewhere else.

In the future, consumers will start using AR glasses more than the mobile phones as a primary way of connecting to the internet, believe some Tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook Inc.).

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