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Facebook: Massive amount of user’s data got leaked

Facebook, the king of social media, has again been popular on the Internet for all the wrong reasons. Bob Diachenko, a security researcher, has found a database consists of more than 267 million user IDs and similar phone numbers. The discovered evidence shows that it was collected via illegal scrapping process or Facebook API abuse by criminals in Vietnam.

The database of 267,140,436 was seemingly posted on a hacker’s forum where anyone could access it for nearly 2 weeks, reported by Comparitech. The data included Facebook user’s unique IDs, full names, phone numbers, and timestamps. All of them seem to be valid, said Diachenko. He also observes that most of the users were from the United States. The ID’s are unique to every Facebook account. It means, if your data was a part of the illegal data leak then your name and phone number were shown to all those who access the dataset.

The leaking data can cause many problems for the user. Like if someone noticed your phone number, that person can use it to spread spam or phishing messages. It can also be used for SIM hijacking, where hackers can activate an exiting phone number via SIM card in their possession.
Facebook hasn’t officially uncovered the number of users who got affected. Facebook is currently investigating this matter.

“We are looking into this issue, but believe this is likely information obtained before changes we made in the past few years to better protect people’s information,” a Facebook spokesperson told AFP. 

Facebook even removed the permission it had given to the third-party apps to access the phone number in 2018. But it looks like their still was a hole in security even after restricting the access, said Diachenko. It’s not the first incident that Facebook has faced. The company which was supposed to protect user’s data no matter what happens, it looks like it’s security is getting weakened now.

     Do you still feel safe by sharing your personal info on Facebook now? Or you still trust that they will tighten their security from now on? Please share your belief in the given section below.

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