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Fans Defending Tom Cruise Against Body Shamers

The fans and even some non-fans came running to defend Tom Cruise after he got a lot of memes and body-shaming tweets on himself. There was a recent picture of Tom Cruise released in which he can be seen in public enjoying a baseball match on Saturday in San Francisco. This picture has made the whole world edgy. In the picture, he can be seen sporting a puffy face, that made him look cute, in my opinion, but people have not responded well with it. Maybe he got the pillow face, which happens when a dermatologist overflows the check line, or he is just showing his age-wise growth. But the rude and double-faced fans have different opinions. They have started cyberbullying the top gun actor.
Some people said that he got fat in the quarantine, while other rude so-called fans said that his cheek surgery ruined his face. People said that to look youthful, Tom ruined his face and is now sporting a ruined botox face.

Some fans defended him saying that he is just starting to look his age or this could be just some allergic reaction. The internet has become so toxic that even before positivity could spread, even the non-fans knew about his weight gain but that too because of rude comments.
Twitter is full of rude fans’ tweets, but thankfully there are positive tweets too. The sad thing is that most of these positive tweets are from non-fans, while the so-called fans are body-shaming our beloved daredevil.
Let’s see what those tweets are. Let’s start with the rude and mean tweets so that by the end, you could read something positive too, and think about the end only.
In the first tweet, someone said that only two possibilities are there, either he got fat- gained weight, or he has a filler-filled face. He said that he will choose the latter part, mocking Tom’s new look.
Another tweeted asking what is happening with those bloated chipmunk cheeks. This is what he has been called since then, which is highly insulting. Like come on people, can he gain weight during this pandemic, or can’t he age according to how old he is. Like for heaven’s sake man he will be 60 soon, let him live.
Another person mocked that maybe he went to the same dermatologist as Wayne newton, who also had a bad surgery. This person was saying that he had surgery that made him look this chubby.
Most people said that this is not Tom, instead, it is one of his impersonators even though Connor Cruise was sitting just right beside him. Connor is Tom’s son.
Now that’s enough hate tweets, let’s go towards positivity, shall we? Here are some tweets that back up Tom and his weight gain.
A fan took Tom’s side and tweeted saying that he is 58 and he can gain weight, it’s nothing wrong. After all, it’s pandemic, and everyone’s staying home. It’s nothing wrong with putting on a few carbs. He ended it by saying to let tom live peacefully.
Ethan Iverson Twitter saying that he was a person who was against Tom until he saw the God-awful tweets about his face. This made him angry and he felt obliged to defend the poor guy.

Julie also tweeted saying that Tom is 58 years old, and he may have gained weight for a movie role, and even if not, it’s still pandemic, and he can also gain weight by staying home, there is nothing wrong with that.

Laurie Kilmartin said that he is sorry to the internet but he had been waiting for this bloated Tom forever.

A person tweeted saying that they do not like tom at all but the tweets about his weight gain have made him sick and that people can gain or lose weight on their own, they do not need others’ opinions. And all the internet needs to stop being fatphobic.
Another person tweeted saying that he may have gained weight due to a role he got in a movie, but still at his age, he can look like a human, not like a non-humanoid shape of a person his age. And him getting all memes over him looking his age, is just absolutely yucky to them.
Lastly, someone tweeted saying that he still looks good for someone his age, that is almost 60.

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