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Fast & Furious 9 Cast Going To Space

Michelle Rodriguez has recently made some shocking revelations. Michelle Rodriguez has recently confirmed that the cast of Fast & Furious 9 will go into space. Now that’s something crazy! Isn’t it? The previous 8 parts of Fast & Furious 9 were no doubt super hits and made millions of dollars on the global box office.

Michelle Rodriguez revealed this thing on a show called “The Jess Cagle Show”. It is reported by many sources that Fast & Furious 9 will hit the cinema screens in April 2021. In march 2020 it was decided that the released has to be pushed further considering the coronavirus pandemic.

It was Ludacris too who initially told that Fast & Furious 9 cast might be going to space. The surprise entry of John Cena in the Fast & Furious 9 has doubled the excitement of fans. Everyone is desperately waiting for the movie to be released as soon as possible.

Fast and Furious is one of those amazing franchise who always comes up with a surprise. Every single time the trailer has a surprise disguised in it which significantly increases the interest of fans to watch the movie. We hope that Fast & Furious 9 release in April 2021 will end the craving of these fans all around the world.

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