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Final Fantasy 7 Remake |2020|

Final Fantasy VII was made in 1997 as a role-playing video game. It was developed by Square in Japan and was meant to be for the Playstation Console. Recently the developers made the Remake of Final Fantasy VII. The release date of the game was 10th April 2020. So let’s find out what new features the game is coming with.

The announcement of the game Final Fantasy VII remake was made in 2015 so people waited for it for 5 long years but everyone knows that fruit of patience is always sweet. The game is provided with guides so that you get aware of the difference between normal and classic modes. You must read the guides to make fights more swift and efficient. The amazing thing is that the game is powered with a new combat system which causes the combination of real-time and turn-based elements. Additionally, there will be a storyline and new characters to make the game more interesting. The audience is pretty sure that the game will be one of the finest creations of 2020. The reason is that the first version of Final Fantasy was way more advance when we talk about the 1990s. It was a master class. No one was expecting an amazing 3d game at that time when technology was not yet evolved properly. So now it’s 2020 and everybody is expecting a better and cooler version of Final Fantasy VII.

The real motive of making Final Fantasy VII remake was initiated by Square Enix itself. The remake has been a big tease for game lovers but now the wait is over as the game has hit the shelves and ready to amaze the audience.

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